Wednesday 10 April 2013

Proculus Coin Sale Today

It seems that to date, the BM has not reported Dix Noonan and Webb for selling a coin the former had apparently identified as a fake, and the sale is going ahead - it starts at three this afternoon. If Roger Bland accepts David Gill's invitation to come to this afternoon's seminar, perhaps he will explain why they let this sale go unchallenged.

The object still seems not to be in the PAS database - not even as a "fifteenth century fake", despite its finder taking it to the PAS for recording. Maybe, if he comes, Dr Bland can enlighten us on why that is...

Meanwhile keep an eye on this (after 18:00 GB time) : Lot 694 How much did the tekkies make?

UPDATE - Wednesday 10th April evening
Well, that's a turnup for the books, the thing seems not to have been sold. Was it withdrawn, or did bidding not reach reserve? And if the former, or the latter, is that because the BM had earlier pronounced it a fake? All very odd. Perhaps simply the estimate was too high.

UPDATE 11th April
It seems there was just one bid, reportedly for 35 000 quid, not enough to meet the reserve.


Sheddy said...

According to Julian Evan-Hart who was at the sale with the finders of the coin, there were no bid received. Nada. Zilch. Not the one.
He supposes that the BM pronouncing the coin as a fake had put people off, apparently DNW were "surprised"

Paul Barford said...

I see on a metal detecting forum that there was actually one bid of 35000 pounds, which did not reach the minimum. I wonder what the dealer paid the finder?

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