Monday 8 April 2013


I'm excited to be meeting the nestor of heritage archaeoblogging Professor David Gill for lunch today, we've corresponded over the years but I've never met him. Looking forward to it. Then on Thursday a meeting with Nigel Swift, who though I have co-authored with him two books on portable antiquity issues, for one reason or another I have never physically met.

Vignette: Nestor of Gerenia (after


domino said...

Hope to make your talk, on Wednesday Paul, should be interesting!!! I've sent the info viral, just to let all your fans know.

Break a leg, so they say!!

Sheddy said...

And on Wednesday a meeting with Sheddy ....

Damien Huffer said...

Very cool Paul! Please pass along my regards, and I hope to meet them both in person someday myself.

domino said...

Tell everyone about the talk your doing in Ipswich Paul, you seem to be a little coy about that one, for someone who has so much to say about our heritage. Any more tickets available, as there selling like hotcake! More popular than a Rolling Stones concert.

domino said...

I'm very excited Paul, couldn't sleep last night. So I went down the gym for a workout!

Paul Barford said...

No "tickets" were sold, it was entirely free. Three metal detectorists came up to me afterwards and were very civil. Neither "Sheddy" nor Steve Taylor ("Heritage Troll") came.

clive6 said...

We're not all oik's you know

Paul Barford said...

Clive, it was good to meet you. Thanks for your comment.

I am sure you are not all "oiks", but my concerns are not with the ones that are not, but with the number that are. Among you are many of the same ilk as the guy who calls himself "Heritage Troll", a well-known troublemaker from Cheltenaham, and "Sheddy". What are you doing to stop them affecting the image of detecting?

You see the problem is, isn't it, that to get the degree of collaboration needed to make the PAS vision real, it is the "oiks" that need to be won-over. How successful do you think that will be in our lifetimes? What is being done within the detecting community to show that oikism can be overcome? Will it be?

While the sort of behaviour exhibited by people like the above mentioned continues, why should it not be highlighted by those who feel that the PAS has few hopes of ever dealing with the problem posed by people like this to proper full liaison, and we are wasting precious resources in the hope that one day things will be better?

Why do we not see action from the detecting community to sort out this problem among their own ranks rather than the passive shoulder-shrugging approach?

What is "responsibility" in detecting? For what are you accepting responsibility as a milieu?

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