Thursday 18 April 2013

Update on Berk-Rubinger Deka Dispute

I am informed by one "J. Ramirez" (no idea who that is, he or she did not say) that the Berk-Rubinger dispute over the return of money for an Athenian dekadrachm is over and they have:
"the Court Order dismissing the case and a copy of the Settlement Agreement. You will note in paragraphs 7 & 8 the plaintiff’s acknowledgment that, in fact, neither Steve Rubinger nor Antiqua, Inc. committed any fraud, as had originally and wrongly been alleged [in the press]".
So according to Mr Ramirez, Berk's now saying the coin is real?  I see it's hard to make your mind up when you do not know all the facts about where a dugup actually came from, leaving the question of "authenticity" very much in the eye of the beholder. So which deka is this, and where did Mr Rubinger get it from?


J Ramirez said...

(posting this for Steve Rubinger) Here are the documents:



Paul Barford said...

Ummm, that did not work...

Jennifer, can you send them to Rick St Hilaire? He'll do a fair write-up I am sure and I'll link to that.

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