Friday, 28 March 2014

"Meanwhile, Hungarian archaeologists have claimed to have found the tomb of Atilla the Hun", Ummm No (duh).

"Meanwhile, Hungarian archaeologists have claimed to have found the tomb of Atilla the Hun" says the cultural property observant Peter Tompa, thinking he has some kind of archaeological scoop (current labels ""). The discovery was being mentioned on any archaeological blog at the time - or indeed in any mainstream media. His source was an authororitative article from - ahem - the news page of some US-based organization called "New World Order Media", but the other articles currently on its home page give a good view of the reliability of Mr Tompa's "news" source. 
'Biblical Giants Unearthed in Golan Heights?'
'Secret Society Announces Discovery of 13th Crystal skull'
'Atlantis Cuba: Underwater Ruins Could Be Linked to Atlantis'
'Remains of Pixie Specimen Discovered in Ireland' and so on
What an embarrassment. Unfazed though by the realisation that the photo clearly shows a very post-medieval burial in a coffin and no fifth century internment, Mr Tompa attempts to salvage the situation and take another swipe at those hated archies:
Addendum (3/28/14): Apparently the news about Hungarian archaeologists finding Attilla's grave was faked. It does lead one to wonder how much archaeological "truth" out there is not for real.
Pathetic. It actually leads one to wonder just how much truth there is in anything reported as fact by certain cultural property lobbyists.

Cultural Peroperty Observer has obviously not been following this case with the attention it deserves, Mr Tompa can't spell Sevso either.


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Cultural Property Observer said...

Since you bring it up, I first saw it on Dorothy King's blog (she's since taken it down) and then on the Facebook page of someone who follows issues related to Hungary. I guess we were all taken in, and I will be more careful in the future before reporting archaeological "discoveries." I guess they may not be what they seem.

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