Friday, 28 March 2014

The "Archaeological" death wish tracked down?

An allegation was recently made that unspecified "archaeologists" had been directing death wishes throughout the social media ("everywhere") towards a UK metal detectorist who got involved in a programme emitted under the name "Nazi War Diggers". The person involved however refused yesterday to name and shame the individuals (individual) concerned, saying it was in the hands of the police. So far no trace of such messages have been found in the social media, but this morning I stumbled across this, is this the message to which Kris Rogers refers?

MMM 03-26-2014, 03:56 PM Militaria Forums  thread: Craig Gottlieb and "Nazi War Diggers". It seems US based dealer in Nazi related objects Craig Gotlieb was by this time no longer flavour of the month on that forum and this criticism is directed at him:
Truely appallng! Are there no depths to which the boy wonder will not descend in order to get his publicity fix. This guy is now totally beyond the bounds of any possible respect for his actions. I am even more ashamed to see that his retard digging buddies are from the UK. If I could have a wish Gottlieb and his tard chums would all be sharing that grave space now. It about time Gottlieb was denied the oxygen of the publicity that he craves and is just totally ignored.
Crass and over the top, typical collector stuff, but a police matter? Hardly. Neither is there any evidence that "MMM" is an archaeologist or "educated person"...

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