Sunday, 23 March 2014

Machines and Treasure Hunting

Just to point out that all this tekkie pretended indignation about the use of machines by archaeologists faced with some serious earthmoving task ("they should be made to do it by hand, we do") is false. Here are "John gm, Gog, Adam and Lisa and skunky at Twinstead" looking for gold coins in the subsoil and associated metal objects. Note the small tool use. Right down to subsoil in sticky clay.  Film posted on You Tube by Gordon Heritage ("Iron Hearted Gog"). 

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Paul Barford said...

Heritage Action has had a sudden attack of Houghtonism and has asked me to post this for him:
"Just to clarify, that was done for fear that some rally attendees or others would return and steal any remaining coins. Normally the above would generate a howl of protest - "nighthawks aren't detectorists, they're a completely different group" but of course the previous day a large number of gold coins had been removed without permission by many rally attendees and many haven't been returned - i.e. they've been stolen by people who are part of "the vast majority of detectorists who are responsible" as PAS and detectorists claim ad nauseam. In my opinion nighthawks would find it hard to operate unless they were integrated within detecting clubs and forums - something that those who are party to the "wall-to-wall heroes" story choose to ignore. Twinstead represented a survey of whether nighthawks were a tiny group and it suggested that no, they aren't".

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