Monday, 17 March 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: 7,000 more recordable artefacts dug up

Heritage Action have an update to their "five million" post:
it is now a week later and the Counter is showing nearly 7,000 more recordable artefacts dug up. Bear in mind that during that time PAS has only recorded a derisory number. It’s massive theft – of knowledge, from you and everyone else. Can it possibly be right? Please support compulsory regulation of artefact hunting to secure maximum public benefit. (If you come across ANY artefact hunter who opposes it, ask yourself why.)
The actual number is 974 for the period 7th to 17th March. This is less than one in seven of the number predicted by the HA artefact erosion counter. I am sure there will be another flurry of denial, name-calling and insults from the usual suspects. The PAS however is remaining very, very quiet about what THEY think the true figures are.  Now, why would that be? Surely any public-funded Scheme like this is obliged to keep the public paying for it informed about the real degree to which they are successfully tackling the problem they were set up to solve (in this case the erosion of the heritage through portable antiquities collecting)?

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