Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Northern Ireland, problems with access to museum storage

Hundreds of thousands of archaeological items recovered from historic sites in Northern Ireland are lying unclassified in plastic bags and boxes. They are often being kept outside the jurisdiction because there is no proper facility to store them. One estimate says up to 24 container loads of archaeological objects are being stored by private companies. The Institute of Archaeologists in Ireland (IAI), said it was "a very serious problem". It said no tangible progress had been made to find a solution.
The problem, however, is one that affects archaeological units and museums throughout the British Isles.

Kevin Magee, 'Northern Ireland artefacts 'stockpiled in bags and boxes' BBC, 25 March 2014.



Do they have any African artefacts among the lot? They could return them to us and thus kill three birds with a stone. We will be grateful for the return,they will gain a good reputation and also gain space.

Paul Barford said...

but "any"? Is your position that no museum anywhere outside Africa should contain an object from Africa, no matter what it is and how they got it?

What about within Africa, can museums in Nigeria (say) have objects from Congo and vice versa, to put local objects into a wider context?

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