Monday, 17 March 2014

Detectorist Accuses Peter Tompa

UK metal detectorist John Howland, whose use of the term "antiquities cartels" was questioned on the Cultural Property blog attempts to justify the terms he used (March 16, 2014 at 8:14 AM) but in the process revealing that he has not the foggiest what a "cartel" is. He imagines it is in some way connected with money laundering and then highlights the illicit practices of part of the same US antiquities business for which Peter Tompa is lobbying. Doh!


David Knell said...

Well spotted! I hadn't actually bothered to read all of John Howland's stuff. Having his own staunch ally pointing out the dirty side of the antiquities trade (and quoting Neil Brodie no less!) must be a bit embarrassing for Peter Tompa.

With allies like that, who needs enemies?

Paul Barford said...

Not that he noticed.

David Knell said...
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kyri said...

i couldnt believe what i was reading when he posted that."no questions asked middleman"nice to know john h believes there is a problem with the no questions asked collecting and dealing.if an archaeologist posted that he would have been shot down in flames.maybe he has seen the light.i read david knels piece in 2009 on ethical collecting and i agree with him.eisenberg and many more antiquities dealers[though not all] are taking verifiable provenance very seriously now and have moved on drastically from the 80s-90s.for example in the early 80s eisenberg was being lambasted by the italian cultural ministry and by 20010 they were giving him awards for helping them repatriate cultural pieces and generally cleaning up their act where italian antiquities were afraid the coin collectors are 20 yrs behind the antiquities collectors building barricades instead of bridges.

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