Monday, 31 March 2014

National Geographic Dig Themselves Deeper into the Manure Pile?

during filming, our production
crew remained in close contact with local
museums, including the Latvian War Museum
 National Geographic, 28th March 2014  

National Geographic made some claims in their damage control revision of their "About" page which do not stand up to examination. They have claimed the support of the German War Graves Commission (VDK - Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge), but the Volksbund ‘had nothing to do with it and do not want to be associated with it'. I have shown that they have tried to present the Polish organization they claim to work with as something it is not and are very vague about what permits they actually had and by whom they were issued. Now Sam has checked out the museum contact claimed and reports: 'The Latvian War Museum did not approve of the Nazi War Diggers' (March 31, 2014). He has obtained the information:
The understandably outraged Latvian War Museum has stated that it did not approve of Nazi War Diggers, it does not approve of Nazi War Diggers and, in fact, it tried to stop Nazi War Diggers.
So, maybe it is time for the National Geographic and Clear Story to stop being economical with the truth, and put its cards on the table about what was actually done on what terms and under what conditions. Let us see the texts of the legal permits under which these  diggings took place, let us see also some answers to some of the questions Dr Hardy and other have been asking since the programme's website went up and then was modified. 

Maybe some of the participants might feel that since the production company has been remarkably slow and disorganized about defending them from criticism for participation in such a shambles, that - contract or no contract - they might speak on their own behalf, and share some of the details. 

Vignette: 'Nazi War Diggers' logo from Clear Story website

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P2Pinvested said...

Hi Paul, not sure if you have seen this article yet but its a decent read.

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