Saturday, 15 March 2014

Antiquities Unregistered - Expect Trouble in Greece

'Man arrested over unregistered antiquities', Ekathimerini Saturday March 15, 2014
A 48-year-man was arrested on Saturday in Elassona in Larissa, central Greece, over charges of possessing unregistered antiquities. The suspect was detained after officers discovered three Roman bronze coins at his residence. They also found a gas pistol and a small amount of cannabis.

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kyri said...

hi paul,i was in athens in october and there are a number of antiquities dealers but they can only sell to people with greek passports.there is one shop that can sell to tourists and provides export certificates with every purchase.they were offering pieces excavated in greece by the greek archaeological museum. everything was numbered,photographed ect.there is a market in greece but it is strictly regulated with heavy penalties for handling anything not registered.

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