Monday, 31 March 2014

New Blog, Meg Lambert from Glasgow

There is a new blog on illicit antiquities, from Meg Lambert now a serious researcher at Glasgow: Give and Take: A Sociological Response to the Illicit Antiquities trade. This replaces her enthusiastic, strongly-worded and much-loved (everywhere except a certain lawyer's office in Washington): "Things you Can't Take Back" blog now sadly defunct. She reports that she has:
used this past year to cobble together a new, more positive idea of what I want to say, who I want to say it to, and the tone I feel most comfortable adopting. [...] This new venture won’t be so much a news blog as it will be reflective commentaries on my PhD subject, no doubt spurred by recent goings-on.
Great news. Her thesis, as I understand it, looks at the 'tribal art' trade and in particular concerning objects from West Africa. This is an area which seems a trifle under-represent in the blogosphere relative to the interest of the subject matter, and it will be interesting to see how what she uncovers and the literature she gathers interlock with the questions about the antiquities trade. I am sure Ms Lambert's contribution to the debate will be very valuable and (as always) thought-provoking. 


Cultural Property Observer said...

It sounds like she's grown and become somewhat embarrassed by the strong language in her old blog. Good for her. Perhaps you should learn from her and tone it down a bit. It's not too late.

Paul Barford said...

There is no need for anyone to feel embarrassed by standing up for some principles, you should try it some time. It's never too late.

Anonymous said...

Woah! That's rich coming from Peter Tompa, mister hyperbole and vitriol himself! Black kettle anyone?

Anonymous said...

Meg Lambert's old blog was always reasonable even when she strongly stated opinions. In comparison to Tompa and friends, the tenor was always angelic.

David Knell said...

I see comments on your opening post are closed so I'll wish you best of luck with your new blog here, Meg. I've gladly added it to my own blog roll and look forward to your insights.

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