Friday, 21 March 2014

The Search For "The Truth"

Detector bloke "searches for the truth". This is what he writes over on the BAJR Forum:
As a newish detectorist I wanted to learn more about how / if detecting can be used in conjunction with archaeology and found this thread a really honest discussion of some of the flaws of both detecting and archaeology [..] Paul Barford suggested I post a comment from my blog on here for a response but I think this thread has made that suggestion needless. 
Earlier, he had been writing about "Anonymous Steve's" authoritative accusations about archaeologists routinely machining off huge amounts of archaeological information ("soil stripping done by a 360 excavator bites up to 50cms at a time") and dumping it in spoil heaps. This argument was then being used in the tekkie blogosphere for asking why artefact hunters should bother, and that some preservationists are in some way therefore misleading the world about the damage irresponsible metal detecting does. It was quite clearly the sweeping statements about machining and archaeological malpractice that I urged "Responsible detectorist" to ask the BAJR forum about. 

Anyway, keep plugging away D-bloke, I think a fluffy friendly BAJR discussion of "HOW detecting can be used in conjunction with modern archaeology" would be very revealing of some archaeological attitudes in the UK. If you get an answer from them that is, but they are probably not too afraid to talk to tekkies who come cap-in-hand. Go on, ask them. But first why not sort out the detectoristic"50cm chunks at a time so tekkies need not bother" argument with them? .

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