Monday, 24 March 2014

Small find Assemblage from the Baths Basilica Wroxeter

The small finds from the Baths Basilica Wroxeter: a digital resource,H E M Cool, Roger White, David Griffiths, Steve Linnane, Angela Bliss, Kate Pretty, 2014

Between 1966 and 1990 the Baths Basilica at Wroxeter was excavated using methodology that resulted in the recovery of occupation sequences that extended into the seventh century AD. These important excavations were published as:
Barker, P., White, R. Pretty, K., Bird, H. and Corbishley, M. 1997. The Baths Basilica Wroxeter : Excavations 1966-90, English Heritage Archaeological Report 8, (London). 
At the time of publication the decision was taken to publish only a subset of the very extensive quantity of small finds that were recovered. This digital resource makes the full small find assemblage available for the first time. The work has been funded by English Heritage and carried out between January and December 2013. The archive from the excavations is stored at the English Heritage store at Atcham

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