Thursday 9 October 2014

AIA Urged to Take Action in St Louis

The message Justin Walsh (Chapman University, Orange, CA) sent to Andrew Moore, President of the Archaeological Institute of America regarding the AIA's statement on the sale by the St Louis Society of several ancient objects at auction at Bonhams:
The actions taken by members of the board of the St Louis Society contravene some of the most important ethical principles held by professional archaeologists and by the AIA [...] Apparently, no consequences have been levied by the national AIA in response to these actions, and so no appropriate lessons can be learned by the St Louis Society and others who possess ancient objects, other than that it is possible to profit from their sale. I therefore call upon you and the ad hoc committee formed to confront the problems raised by this sale to take real action against the St Louis Society, either by suspending their membership as a chartered society, or by revoking their charter outright. I also call on those archaeologists who are scheduled to give upcoming lectures to the St Louis Society to cancel those appearances in protest of the Society's actions.

I would have thought any US archaeologist with principles would have refused to appear in St Louis anyway on account of them holding on to Ka Nefer Nefer.

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