Friday 17 October 2014

Follow The ISIS Money

"those who fund terrorism
are no less terrorists than those brandishing the swords". 

Webb Hubbell (former Associate Attorney General of the United States) writes that we should 'Follow The ISIS Money', Talk Radio News Service October 16, 2014
Most articles estimate that ISIS earns $1 to $3 million a day from oil sales – oil coming from lands and refineries they have seized in Iraq and Syria, which is purchased by black market brokers primarily in Turkey. [...]  Another source of money is the sale of antiquities by ISIS after they raid and loot churches and museums in seized territories [...] with a lot of money finding its way into the hands of terrorists and a lot of art finding its way into the homes of Americans and Europeans. That’s right: art collectors and museums who buy stolen antiquities indirectly fund torture and murder. Again, let’s hope the administration is being aggressive with purchasers of stolen art for the sake of the stolen art, but also for the humans who are the ultimate victims of such an outrageous enterprise. [...]  I think it would be advisable for our leadership to acknowledge that we are waging war on ISIS economically as well as militarily, and to treat those who support ISIS by buying oil, weapons, stolen art, and women and children just as we will treat ISIS.

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