Friday 10 October 2014

Focus on Metal Detecting: Selfish Hoikers 'n Museems

Cowboy hats off
UK metal detectorists in the blogosphere are currently praising Northampton Borough Council for 'standing up to' the 'pompous Museums Association (MA)'. One of them writes:
Hat’s (sic) off to Northampton Borough Council for giving the bossy-boots, po-faced MA the Agincourt Salute.
Several metal detectorists signed off on comments below the post agreeing with the sentiments and congratulating the author on the way he expressed them, Andy Baines, John Winter and the like. Hmm. I think we can compare those chav anti-museum-ethics attitudes to the position of the Museums Association (Geraldine Kendall, 'David Anderson: society needs us more than ever' 09.10.2014). Well, some metal detectorists, with their own living-room-museums clearly do not. But then, outside the shoe factories of Northampton itself, to what degree do these philistine selfish anti-public-culture oiks represent the wider British public?

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