Tuesday 21 October 2014

ADCAEA Officer: "Boycott Turkish Antiquities"

An officer of the Association of Dealers and Collectors of Ancient and Ethnographic Art (ADCAEA) which aims to advance the responsible and legal trading and collecting of ancient and ethnographic art has called for a boycott of antiquities passing through Turkey to be established. This would last until such time as that country seals its borders to prevent antiquities looted in areas of Iraq and Syria held by rebel warlords and Islamist militants reaching outside markets. According to the New Yorker, such  artefacts are openly available for sale in Turkish border towns. Responsible dealers should be  pressuring the Turkish government (which ratified the 1970 UNESCO Convention April 21, 1981) to help the licit trade address the problem at the source. Since there seem to be problems with closing the borders at the moment (allowing refugees through), the only reasonable solution seems  to be for responsible dealers to boycott antiquities leaving Turkey and increased transparency to show that they are doing so. 

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