Thursday 23 October 2014

English Heritage adds hundreds of sites to 'at risk register'

More than 660 sites have been added to English Heritage's "at risk" register.[...] There are a total of 5,752 English Heritage sites deemed at risk, a third of which have been on the register since it began in 1999. The register covers sites that are in danger of being lost through neglect, decay or inappropriate development.[...] Sites deemed at risk and in need of rescue include listed buildings, places of worship, industrial sites, monuments, archaeology and conservation areas, parks, wrecks and battlefields. 
I do not think we need even bother wonder if a single one of these sites in Bonkers Britain is deemed to be at risk from the erosive activities of artefact collectors, they are, after all, "partners". Eh?  The Staffordshire Hoard findspot and the surrounding archaeology is not on the list.

Source: BBC, 'English Heritage adds hundreds of sites to 'at risk register'..., 22 October 2014

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