Tuesday 21 October 2014

Fitz Gibbon Stop the War and the Looting will Stop - duh

Kate Fitz Gibbon ('Heritage Protection Depends on Stable Governments', New York Times 8th October 2014) imagines she has a solution to Syria's looted artefact problems:
art and artifacts from Iraq and Syria flow unchecked to Turkey, the Gulf States and other nearby nations. Export control should start at Syria’s borders. The U.S. should provide assistance either directly or through international organizations to bordering nations in order to stop smuggling where it starts. [...]  Heritage protection depends upon stable governments and the rule of law. [...]  The only way to halt the destruction in Syria and Iraq is to rebuild civil society in both nations and make on-the-ground protection of museums, monuments and archeological sites a priority. Feel-good actions within the U.S. only distract from taking meaningful steps in Syria itself, which is ultimately the only effective means to halt looting. 

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