Tuesday 14 October 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: The English are Coming for Your Stuff

"ww11 is of massive interest
to me and the opportunity to get out
in Normandy would be an amazing opportunity
Andi_dawson Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:56 pm

Over on a UK metal detecting forum near you, arrangements are being made by second-home owner Le Rocher * for a "Trip to Normandy Detecting" some time in November this year and another one in the first quarter of 2015(thread started Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:50 am)
I muted (sic) last year a possible trip to Normandy to detect on my permissions. Currently i have permission to dig on over 1000 hectares of pasture and ploughed land. [...] I've had some great finds over there and not all military either. There seems to be some great stuff that is coming out of the ground there right now too
Interesting, we have heard much about UK metal detectorists plundering French sites and here's a trip of such actually in the course of being organized in full public view. Metal detectorist "Littleboot" writes: its amazing how many people think Normandy and just think WW2. I have a list of some of the knights who were with William the Corn Curer. They are all named after the towns and villages in Normandy because that's where they came from. Tiny villages some of them ...and fortune favoured the brave and these men were granted huge swathes of England (the bastards. lol) . Lots of very old churches (pre 1066) and medieval manoirs just lived in as farmhouses. Criss crossed with countless roman roads and ancient trackways. And largely undetected. Largely undetected I suppose because most of the French ("the bastards") probably abide by the law. Let us hope our friends from HAPPAH are waiting for these numpties with the police when they get in their cars and try to return home with their haul. On what grounds was "La Rocher" given a search permit by the local prefecture? I hope HAPPAH look into that too.

* Former Restaurant de la Mines, "In a small village 7km from Flers", Department: Ome, Region: Basse-Normandy.

Vignette: STOP pilfering British detectorists bringing the country into disrepute

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