Thursday 23 October 2014

Dealer: "Culture War well worth the read"

"One of the best articles I have read for some time, well worth the read" says ADCAEA dealer Sue McGovern Huffman. One wonders what else she reads, apart from Peter Tompa, because she was talking about Cuno's piece about how repatriating other people's stuff is "wrong".

Here is a distribution map of the museums that signed the Declaration to which Cuno refers. You will note the very clear concentration away from the actual sources of the material  McGovern Huffman and her fellow ADCAEA dealers sell stuff from. Having such grandly-named 'encyclopaedic' museums in which local antiquities can be seen in their globalist context is not a privilege extended to the people whose cultural heritage ends up piled as trophies in the museums of Europe and the USA. 


How disgusting is this culture war waged by the privileged nations on the rest of the world and the attitudes of entitlement that lie behind it? 


kyri said...

hi paul,cuno is not advocating keeping looted or stolen pieces,only the pieces with very good collecting historys.i dont understand why you are so against the concept of encyclopedic museums.its nice to go to the BM and see many different cultures represented,as long as everythig was obtaind legaly.cuno is very much against looting and i have never heard him support private collecting only institutional.his comments on "a nationalist agenda" ring true ,china is a good case in you know i have always been a supporter of the encyclopedic museum and having recently been to greece it would be nice if they had a few pieces from other cultures such as africa or south america,although they do have a small egyption section.

David Gill said...

Cuno's essay overlooks some key issues. For some of them see here.

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