Monday 13 October 2014

Focus on UK History Hoiking: Another Hole in the Archaeological Record from a "Kim's Money-making Rally"

Here is the data on an earlier "Kim's Rally". This one, a year ago (27th to 29th September 2013) at Foxham in Wiltshire (the site of one discussed by HA in 2010). Here is what "coinhunteruk" (Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:16 pm) had to say about it: 
[...] there was (sic) a few half groats and cut halfs (sic) that i seen (sic) come up amonst (sic) other little coins and bits.[...] in general the fields were quite quiet with finds but there was (sic) a few nice items appearing in various fields such as even a part of a Saxon Cross with a tiny peice (sic) of enamel on it ..  I didnt find much my self (sic) that day but when looking at the finds Cabernet (sic) there were quite a few hammereds and various silver artifacts (sic) that come (sic) up ! ( a few lizzie coins, a bit of roman ect (sic)) [...] i got my first hammy for the weekend !! and a cool looking lead weight with a bust inprinted (sic) on it facing left [...] favourite 3 finds that you seen made by others ? a Norman (sic) Edward Confessor penny, a full Crown of william 111, a medieval or saxon silver ring. 4/ what did you find ? lol a Scottish hammered penny alexander 111, lead weight with bust inprinted (sic), a few victorian coins, Thimble, 18th century buckle and some good friends.
Here are the results of a PAS database search for the area around and including the rally site a year later. Just 26 items recorded, apparently from some six finders.
In Essex (both records May 2014):
ESS-B94DA8   Medieval finger ring (Treasure)
ESS-2C7476 Post Medieval cloth seal
Leicestershire: (3 records created 8th October 2013)
LEIC-3FC317   Medieval silver penny of Edward IV
LEIC-3F3937  Medieval silver penny, Edward III (?)
LEIC-3F2442  Roman coin
Yorkshire (records all created 24th January 2013 - before the rally):
SWYOR-13F968 Medieval jetton.
SWYOR-13CDD2 post medieval jetton
SWYOR-12FEB5 Roman brooch
SWYOR-10BBD6  Roman coin
SWYOR-1083A3  post medieval jetton
SWYOR-105815  sixpence of James I
Wiltshire records all created 26th and 31st October 2012 (before the rally):
WILT-1178C rose farthing of Charles I
 WILT-115A38 Post Medieval cloth seal
WILT-1142F3 Post Medieval cloth seal
WILT-111D47  rose farthing of Charles I
WILT-1106F4 Post Medieval cloth seal
WILT-10EDC3 glass bead
WILT-10D341 glass bead
WILT-10B0B3 penny, possibly of Edward IV
WILT-109A30 Medieval token
WILT-106287 short cross penny of Henry II
WILT-0FF5D6 Post-Medieval buckle
WILT-AABA87 Post-Medieval token,
WILT-AAA2F1 Roman brooch
WILT-A9C612 threepence of Elizabeth I
Record created  2nd October 2012 before the rally:
WILT-AFE9A5 gold ring (Treasure) 
So, according to the PAS database, there are just 26 finds reported from the whole parish, 21 of them from before the rally (did the others come from the 2010 rally?). They are scattered in ephemeral personal collections in Essex, Leicestershire and Yorkshire.

Missing from the public record are:  quite a few hammered coins, Edward Confessor penny, Scottish hammered penny Alexander III, a few half groats and cut halves, , a few Elizabeth I coins, some Roman artefacts, other little coins and bits, part of an enamelled Saxon cross, various silver artefacts, lead weight with a bust, medieval or saxon silver ring.  Where are these items now?  Pathetic.

And the PAS has the gall to call itself a "million find success". Now have a look at the list of rallies "known to the Scheme" and look through the PAS archives for ANY ONE of them, and see if the same pattern is not being repeated.  This is appalling, the silence of British archaeologists (that includes those employed in the PAS) about the scale and brazenness of this devastation is appalling.

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