Sunday 12 October 2014

Intellectual Honesty of Collectors

The place for sock puppets
The sock-puppet Arthur Houghton III writes ad hominem on a lobbyist's blog financed by the international numismatic associations that I am "wreathed in hypocrisy" for discussing in an honest fashion the problems with a current case of the seizure of a legally imported artefact from a European collector's home.

Whoever this person is, and whomever's interests he claims to represent by his ad hominem nastiness, does he imagine that the collectors' blogs that he reads and defends with such alacrity represent the spectrum of issues to the degree that Portable Antiquities and Heritage Issues attempts to do? It seems to me that all the collectors blogs are utterly blinkered every man jack of them. Still, who is going to discuss serious issues with nasty people?

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