Friday, 16 September 2011

"Candy" Will Cease Hectoring and Champion Collecting

In a move that suggests some at least in the UK metal detecting community realise that destructive and aggressive confrontation is not a means to increase public support and acceptance of artefact hunting, the metal detectorist who calls himself "Candice Jarman" announces:
We will shortly be restricting this blog to the authors only, while we remodel the blog into 'The People's Archaeology Blog'. This new public blog will champion legal collecting and detecting and the cause of the amateur antiquarian. But we will be vigilant and we will challenge any distortions or economies of the truth put forward by opponents of these legitimate and lawful activities, which are enjoyed by tens of thousands of people.
So in other words what the author said he was going to do before engaging in personal attacks on Paul Barford, Damien Huffer, David Gill, my commentator Mo and others instead of presenting anything like proper arguments. Of his 29 posts, most seem to be comments on me rather than a proper, reasoned and substantiated discussion of what I have said or presented for consideration. Maybe now the author has decided that concentrating on ad personam arguments is not the way forward, he will reveal his true identity, after all championing legal collecting in the UK is in no way frowned upon and there is no need to hide under an assumed identity, is there? So we look forward to some proper, reasoned and substantiated discussion championing "legal collecting and detecting" from a real collector rather than a sock puppet's hectoring and sniping.

It is a shame that the author restricts the aim of this rebuilt blog to merely what is legal, I would have liked to see the word "ethical" there, and "best practice", which is what the PAS was set up to promote among "finders" who are already operating within the law - for it can hardly "partner" those who are not.

Photo from "Candice Jarman's" post "This is Mr Barford part 1", taken from where, precisely...? Who knows? Cheers.

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