Sunday, 25 September 2011

MP Attends "Charity" Commercial Metal Detecting Rally

On Saturday 24th September Graham Stuart will attend a charity metal detecting weekend to benefit Help for Heroes. The event will take place at Raikes Farm in Bishop Burton from 23rd-25th September. The Beverley and Holderness MP helped ensure that the event could take place by contacting the Chief Executive of Natural England on behalf of the organisers when the future of the event was called into question. Graham said, “I would like to thank Guy Ellerington and the Northern England Weekend Searchers for all of their hard work in organising this event. Natural England also deserves credit for making sure that hobbyists from around the world could come together to enjoy the weekend while benefiting Help for Heroes.”[...]
Too bad however about the heritage, eh? Here he is Twittering about it:

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Graham Stuart MP

Tomorrow I'm attending the Help for Heroes charity metal detecting weekend at Raikes Farm in Bishop Burton. Good luck to those taking part! 23 Sep
On his website he adds: Hopefully this weekend’s event in Bishop Burton will prove a huge success and may even allow some lucky person to find a treasure”.

So, let's get this straight, the conservation body English Nature wanted to protect this site from having all the collectable and saleable artefacts hoovered out, and the Conservative MP picks up the phone and "arranges" it for his metal detecting mates? Why?

Why should we not be attaching the label "heritage wrecker" to the name of Conservative politician "Graham Stuart"?

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