Friday, 16 September 2011

Ireland's Past to Begin Earlier

This is nothing whatsoever to do with portable antiquities (but I sneakily named this blog "and heritage") but deserves the widest possible publicity and opposition"Proposal to de-list archaeological and historical sites that post-date 1700”.
“Sites currently being scheduled for delisting – such as vernacular buildings, lime kilns, holy wells, bridges, milestones, industrial sites etc. – will not qualify for inclusion in the Record of Protected Structures of each county and will therefore be left without any form of protection”.
Over the other side of the sea sites of the twentieth century are actively sought out for listing and scheduling.

This is not the end of the problems, Ireland's heritage seems to be facing hard times: John Farrelly: A Letter to the Editors: Ireland, Heritage Journal 16/09/2011

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Geoff Carter said...

Gobspakingly mindless and shortsighted.

Ireland's cultural heritage and visual environment is a vital part of its economy, which is the bottom line & why we have a listing system.

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