Friday, 2 September 2011

Hawass ebook out

Andrew Lawler has an ebook out (only $1.99) 'The Devils Vs. The Archaeologist'. Zahi Hawass, "the world’s most famous archaeologist"
blames his enemies for his fall, while his critics lambaste him for shoddy science, a dictatorial approach, and unseemly relations with U.S. television. In this profile, based on a recent lengthy interview in Cairo, Hawass defends his controversial reign, frets over [...] unleashed by the events of January, and reveals his contempt for a leaderless revolution. It’s a fascinating portrait of a man obsessed with the past being swept away by current events.
The extract reveals it takes rather a simplistic approach (e.g., a Wikipedia hyperlink to explain what "archaeology" is) and I suspect the interview is a relatively old one. Interestingly one of the young ladies employed recently to act as secretaries to the former Minister is now in Warsaw doing a master's degree in Egyptology (I really hope its the one that anonymously wrote the last few blogs for ZH which were of a much better style than previous ones). From what I gather from departmental gossip, I predict that we have not heard the last of Dr Hawass by any means.
Hat tip to PhDiva who got it from Nora Shalaby (thanks Vincent)

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