Sunday, 25 September 2011

Svishtov Treasure

According to the private Nova TV channel, Rosen Todorov, a 42-year-old unemployed Bulgarian man was out "looking for old metals and scrap metal" in a rural area near the town of Svishtov, on the banks of the Danube River. He found a Bronze Age ("Thracian") treasure of 20 gold and bronze objects including bracelets and earrings of gold and bronze axes, more than 4,000 years old hidden in a pottery jar. The find, valued at EUR 1.5 million, was given to the regional historical Museum. Police sources cited by a local newspaper suggest that the finder kept it a week in his home before reporting it, for having agreed to make the donation to the regional Museum, the finder will face no charges of concealing archaeological objects of value.

Un desempleado encuentra tesoro traciano valorado en 1,5 millones de
- September 23, 2011

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