Friday, 2 September 2011

Crooks who protect crooks

"It is time to come clean and expose crooks who protect crooks" proclaims metal detectorist Alan Hassell in his article co-authored with shipyard-worker turned amateur history sleuth Alan Wilson "The Discovery of the ARK of the COVENANT". Here's another one that accuses me of being a crook:
A certain Paul Barford is an Archaeologist living in Poland who goes around detecting forums spreading his vile hatred for metal detectorist then reports them to PAS. He is what is know in gangland terms a grass an informer not a very good one at that.
"Reports metal detectorists to the PAS", for... ummm, metal detecting? I very rarely contact the PAS these days, most of my comments, queries, reports are ignored.

this person gives the impression he is working with PAS and yet is not listed on their staff? (sic) This raises the question about Paul Barfords qualifications as a responsible Archaeologist. [...] His conduct as a professional archaeologist is questionable because he visits numerous metal detecting forums gleaming information from them hoping one day he will hit the jackpot and get lucky as a collector. I wonder if his superiors are aware of his current activities and the mischief and lies he is speading about other people.
I think the last thing anyone who actually read this blog would think is that I work for or even "with" the PAS.

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