Friday, 16 September 2011

John Lynne ("Norfolk Wolf") has Passed Away

I could not understand why somebody was searching my blog from a London address for what I had written about detectorist "Norfolk Wolf" (John Lynne) last night. I now learn it is because he has passed away after an illness that has lasted since at least May. My condolences to all his friends and family.

He was an effective advocate for the hobby. I recall from my days on "metal detecting" forums he was quite a character. We 'crossed swords' a number of times. There is still quite a lot of material on the internet as his "metal detecting" legacy, he made a number of DVDs (one of which was discussed here) and some You Tube videos show parts of these. He wrote a classic book "Advanced Detecting". He also once had a website with anecdotes about his early days in detecting which were a useful insight, but this vanished some time ago. It seems worth collecting some of this old "detecting lore" before all the pioneers of the hobby in the UK, and even the middle generation like John Lynne pass away.

Vignette: His book is even on sale in Russia.

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