Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Numismatic TV deals?

Joking aside (see post above) we are told so often by the no-questions-asked coineys that their brand of numismatics is an independent academic discipline in its own right which allows "the general public" to learn about the past. I personally consider that a dubious statement (and in any case no justification for the destruction no-questions-collecting leads to). So let us ask: how many TV programmes have there been in the last forty years on national television which have had dugup ancient coins as their sole subject? Programmes in which ancient history is discussed and disseminated entirely on the basis of the numismatic evidence (Ok, to make it easier together with classical written source, but NO other types of archaeological evidence used)? To what extent could numismatics be used in any sustainable way in public broadcasting to present to the public what coineys say their collecting represents? Maybe the ACCG would like to attempt to get such a TV deal (like with the History Channel for example) and appoint a charismatic presenter from among their number who could pull this off? What about it Wayne? Why moan about TV archaeology, lets see some cutting edge TV ancient numismatics.

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