Friday, 23 September 2011

Egyptian Archaeologists' Strike - Stealing Artefacts as Protest?

In Egypt, protesting archaeology workers are threatening to begin strikes (including hunger strikes) which will result in the closing of archaeological excavations and monuments all over the Egyptian governorates. Protesters are apparently calling for the official appointment of 12,000 workers in the Supreme Council of the Antiquities. Not only are they intending to close sites - further endangering the rebuilding of Egypt's fragile tourist industry - but it is reported they threaten to "steal monuments from museums and stores if their demands are not met". This is apalling and would place the professionalism of the organizers of this action in question and raises the spectre again of the endangerment of the objects in the Egyptian Museum on 28th January for political gain by the collapsing regime. "The demonstrators will not give up their demands, said Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud, one of protesting workers" - not to be confused with Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud.

Dina Abdel Alem, 'Egypt's archeologists threatening strike if demands not met, Sept 22, 2011.

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