Friday, 2 September 2011

Hunters become "Detectives"

This is those "Hunters Events" people isn't it? The ones (originally Mark, Barry, Victoria, Jim, Karen, Kayla and Maya) that had a "Business plan" for plunder. Note the eBay page name change. Here they do commercial "digs" for members, and they have an artefact hunting tool shop called "Hidden History" too.

Hmmm. "Detectorists Code of Conduct":
"Hidden History would like to encourage all those who use a metal detector to abide by the Metal Detectorists code of conduct at all times"
and which one would THAT be? Quelle surprise, the NCMD one. The end of this is familiar, lifted from somewhere else, isn't it (with reference to another Code)? And of course how to cash in on any gold and silver artefacts you find.

The Links section is quite well organized and contains a lot of interesting material.

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