Friday, 25 January 2013

Another Sly-Worded Petition on Green Waste

The tale goes on, now coiney Tony Abramson has begun yet another "petition on green waste". It's main message is cribbed from the other, metal detectorists', one: "shards of plastic, metal and glass and all kinds of other products, including chemicals and toxic substances, which puts at risk the health of wildlife, livestock, crops and humans". With a new twist:
 Moreover, there is irreversible damage to our heritage as these sites are no longer easily accessible to archaeologists and metal detectorists. 
Personally I know few archaeologists who have been prevented from accessing sites due to a bit of compost in the topsoil, included "plastic shards" or not.  The Portable Antiquities Scheme will no doubt soon be doing some fifteen-million quid archaeological outreach and telling people that manure and scattered farmyard waste are not actually a substantial hindrance to archaeological fieldwork. In fact non-ferrous scraps add significantly to the protection of sites from looting prior to archaeological fieldwork. As Mr Abramson says:
[contaminated green waste] prevent[s] detected sites (in the UK) from being productive
... 'productive' of collectables for the artefact hunter with a metal detector that is. I'd say the archaeologist who would investigate that site in another generation from now might see that rather as a boon than a problem.

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