Sunday, 6 January 2013

Heritage Action on the fate of the Other Staffordshire Hoard Objects

In the post above, I discussed the archaeologists' statement that there is probably a lot more gold out in the fields of Hammerwich. I'd also like to refer to what our friends Heritage Action have to say on this one:

The Searcher magazine has just tweeted that “More Staffordshire Hoard treasure may still be buried” [...] It's all speculation of course but since speculation is in vogue perhaps we may be allowed to speculate that The Searcher Magazine is likely to be required reading for virtually every nighthawk in the country – and you’d therefore have to be in serious denial not to accept that this story will attract further visits from thieves. Not that it matters particularly if one assumes, given the inarguable capabilities of the latest metal detectors, that some of the nighthawks have already cleared the site of the bulk of the items originally missed.
So when are we going to actually see some "heritage action" from the establishment jobsworths that get lots of money for talking about heritage, but from whom we see precious little action when there is a problem (such as artefact hunting and collecting or the illicit trade) to actually be resolved?What, apart from some embarrassed hand-wringing and foot shuffling will we be seeing from them?

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