Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Of Oil and Antiquities: Gianfranco Becchina

David Gill reminds us ("Becchina: More Revelations from North American Museums?" January 29, 2013) of the significance of the archives seized in raids on storage facilities in Basel belonging to Gianfranco Becchina, owner of gallery Antike Kunst Palladion in May 2002 and September 2005.  Photos of some 10000 artefacts that passed through this dealer's hands are known. Where are these artefacts now? Where did they come from?

While awaiting the results of his appeal on his 2011 sentence for antiquities dealing, Beccina apparently currently produces olive oil from a villa and farm owned by Princess Pignatelli of Spain, located on the outskirts of Castelvetrano, a small city in southwestern Sicily near the ruins of the ancient Greek colony of Selinunte ('Olio Verde 2012 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olio Novello 2012')

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