Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sayles awards Absolution

Commenting on a recent text on the transnational trade in illicit antiquities, veteran Wayne Sayles writes:
My own personal view, and that espoused by the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild, has always been that everyone in the cultural property arena must follow the laws that govern them. ...
 which rather reveals a misunderstanding of the whole idea of treating the phenomenon of the trade in antiquities as a network of transnationally interlinked systems involving the transfer of illicit antiquities from looter to collector. Bazza Thugwit, source-country metal detectorist is not bound by the laws of the US, and Wayne Sayles is not governed by the laws of Thugwit's country - so basically whatever transpires to the artefacts Mr T. digs up, and wherever those that Mr S. sells come from, the ACCG view is that "anything goes".

It seems Mr Sayles also missed a few other points made by the authoress in the article he imagines he has read.

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