Monday, 28 January 2013

Remembered: Second Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of the vandalism and looting in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. At five in the afternoon on 28th January, the police began withdrawing from the streets. At ten the Egyptian army took over the security role. What happened in and around the Museum in the 'missing' five hours has never been adequately explained. Neither are we yet sure what actually went missing, and much about the reported circumstances of the recovery of some items smacks of convenient fiction. There is a whole bundle of mutually conflicting reports about all of this, and no chance of any kind of official enquiry into what actually took place and who was behind it (and why). The world is just left to wonder.

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DesertDweller said...

In May, 2012, we travelled again to Cairo from Jeddah One of the first stops was Egyptian Museum, through the diligent eyes of our guide, who knew when and where one could safely transit Tahrir Square. The museum was busier than expected, but outside were the very obvious fired remains of a nearby building;those fires could easily have breached the museum. The library, gift shop was closed and we never had a sufficient answer as to why...vandalism, theft. Yes, the world is left to wonder why questions go unanswered.

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