Friday, 25 January 2013

Did Polish Artefact Hunters Remove Crown Property in Bedfordshire?

Heritage Action took an interest in the activities of a group of Polish metal detectorists recently availing themselves of the hospitality of the British people with their dotty laws. Now ('Heritage High Treason in Bedfordshire?', 25/01/2013), the conservation group draws attention to a thread on a(n English) metal detecting forum about Crown Estate Land Permission?. It turns out that there is a question about the deposition of any finds, and HA raise the question of what has been happening to the artefacts this group found on this property. They are known to have been applying for export licences for some of the earlier finds. This year one club member however who lives outside the UK was showing ( 2012-09-27, 12:37 ) how he'd cleaned up one of his finds days after the 2012 rally, suggesting he'd already removed it from the UK. Is it likely that an export licence was applied for and issued so quickly? The whole thread, all seven pages showing the finds made (who's going to check the PAS database for them all?) is worth flicking through.

HA earlier, unsuccessfully, asked about the terms of any formal finds agreement these immigrants had with the Crown Estate, perhaps it is time the public saw it. What does the FLO know about this activity?


Anonymous said...

Regarding what PAS knows, the FLO did tell us he was able to put our minds because "the finds from this event are most definitely being recorded. They should be appearing on PAS within the next week or so."

Of course, logic suggests that since most detectorists don't co-operate then some detectorists at a rally won't co-operate. I think PAS is on record acknowledging that and criticising big rallies for that reason.

Paul Barford said...

There are in fact only 37 finds in the PAS database from this rally:

the photos they took during the rally showed at least one tabletop covered in finds.

But the question raised is where they are now.

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