Sunday, 13 January 2013

PAS Partners Better Equipped than "Our Boys in Afghanistan"?

At the Brownhills site:
Dr Della Hooke, vice president of the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archeological Society, said [...] she was stunned by last month's discovery. She also said the new finding could also prove wrong some theories as to how the items got to the field. Dr Hooke said: "It's absolutely amazing. In the last search they used top-quality equipment to go over the area, which they use to find underground stuff in Afghanistan. They were absolutely certain there was nothing else down there. "Nobody really knows why the hoard is there. It could have either been a deliberate burial on a boundary perhaps after someone died or buried quickly by someone who had stolen it who was making an escape on Watling Street.
"That's really the only thing that was there at that time. The land there would have been woodland and heathland. 
Well, and a royal vill of course.  Heritage Action points out that the equipment at metal detectorists disposal is far superior to the equipment HM Armed Forces are issuing for assuring the safety of what the Daily Mail would call "Our Boys" occupying Afghanistan. 

I see now the local authorities are planning to build a viewing platform to gaze across the (once) treasure-filled fields, making the site even easier to find at night.
'More gold and silver found at Staffordshire Hoard site', December 18, 2012

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