Friday, 4 January 2013

University of Leicester Hosts Minelab in Family Fun Day

Free family day of history and archaeology events - University of Leicester

Join archaeologists and historians from the University of Leicester and elsewhere for a family day of free public events on Saturday 12 January 2013. There will be talks by well-known archaeologists from series such as Time Team, historical re-enactments, 'hands-on' activities, exhibits, a chance to find out about local and national organisations, the latest news about the University's search for Richard III - and you can even bring your own archaeological finds along to learn more about them. All events are completely free and the day is suitable for even the youngest historian or archaeologist. 'The Past Beneath Your Feet: Archaeology and History in Leicestershire' [...] has been generously sponsored by Minelab.[...]
Found something? Bring it along
Whether you spend every weekend with your metal detector or you just dug up something interesting in your garden, if you have found an archaeological artefect (sic) and want to know more about it, bring it along on 12 January. Experts from the Portable Antiquities Scheme will be on hand to look at what you've unearthed.  
and the nice men from Minelab will be there to tell you how to find more... and more. And the archaeologists from Leicester University will be out there in the crowds warmly shaking hands with all those folk who "spend every weekend with their metal detector" emptying the archaeological record into their pockets, and thereby doing their bit to put money into the pockets of the metal detector suppliers. That is exactly what university academic archaeology departments are there for, isn't it?

Hat tip to Chris Cumberpatch. 


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