Sunday, 6 January 2013

Looted Pot in Cardboard Box

Plundered pot (AP Photo/Interior Ministry)
A very rare complete ceramic pot from the late second century BC was seized by Spanish police after it was found in an antique shop in the town of El Campello, eastern Spain. Officers seized the object during a routine inspection and arrested the shop owner for allegedly receiving and handling the plundered antiquity. The vase was allegedly taken from an Iberian era archeological site in the Spanish province of Alicante. Inspectors found it in a cardboard box during a routine search of the shop in the eastern town of El Campello. The vase has painted decoration on it "that tells the story of a hunter who had managed to kill a wild boar, one of the rituals of the time that proved a youth had attained the status of manhood [...] while fragments of vases from this antiquity exist in Spain, this was the first to be found whole". Probably financial as a trophy piece as well as historical...

AP, 'Spanish police seize ancient plundered vase from an antique shop', Windsor Star, Jan 5th 2013. 

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