Thursday, 31 January 2013

Those "In the Mind of...." Ten Questions

No Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Officer has agreed to talk to members of Heritage Action through its "in the mind of" series. The questions were perhaps too controversial. Here are the ten questions other archaeologists are not wary of answering:
1) What sparked your interest in Archaeology? 
2)  How did you get started? 
3) Who has most influenced your career? 
4) Which has been your most exciting project to date? 
5) What is your favourite British archaeological site… and why? 
6) What is your biggest archaeological/heritage regret? 
7) If you could change one thing about current heritage protection legislation, what would it be? 
8) If you were able to address Parliament for 30 seconds on archaeology what would you say? 
9)  If your career hadn’t worked out, what would you be doing now? 
10) Away from the ‘day job’, how do you relax?

Might it be that everyone is aware that a thoughtful PAS FLO, thinking about what they do, if asked might want to give an answer to questions 6-8 which would differ from the 'Party-line' (ie what PAS-boss wants them to say)?

Might some of them be thinking like us that, among other possible legislative changes to better protect the UK's archaeological record from avoidable destruction, some kind of policy change over antiquity collecting and commerce really is now needed?


Alan S. said...

The questions I posed to the FLO's were actually slightly altered from the 'Inside the Mind' series, as I wanted to get to know more about the FLOs. No hidden agenda - though question 8 could be seen that way it was meant to be light-hearted.

1. How and Why did you become an FLO?
2. How long have you been active as an FLO?
3. What's the best thing about the job?
4. ...and the worst?
5. Most FLOs have a 'specialist subject' when it comes to identifying finds - What's yours?
6. Outside of your specialism, what is your favourite time period for interesting finds?
7. What's the best find you've ever ID'd?
8. Admit it - Have you ever almost got an ID completely wrong?
9. Can you briefly describe your typical day as an FLO?
10. If not an FLO, what would you have been doing, careerwise?

Alan S. said...

Oh, and one of Roger Bland's objections was that I'd issued a different set of questions - he wanted to know why I hadn't asked the same questions as in the main series!

Paul Barford said...

and did he get an invite?

Alan S. said...

Not yet. Who knows what the future holds?

Paul Barford said...

Oh, I think it would be very interesting to see "in the mind of ..." Roger Bland. Just what can he be thinking?

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