Sunday, 20 January 2013

Three Items About Cambodian Antiquities Added to "Trafficking Culture"

Now that Tessa Davis has joined the Glasgow team, it seems we may expect an incerase in focus on SE Asian antiquities. A taste of things to come are the texts on their website:

 Davis, T. (2012) ‘Cambodia’s looted treasures’, Los Angeles Times, 25 April.

Vlasic, M., and Davis, T. (2012) ‘Should Cambodian “blood antiquities” be returned?’, CNN, 7 June.

Davis, T. (2011) ‘Supply and demand: exposing the illicit trade in Cambodian antiquities through a study of Sotheby’s auction house’, Crime, Law and Social Change 56(2), 155-174

Vignette: Cambodian Heritage

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