Sunday, 6 January 2013

PAS and the "Dispositif"

A few weeks ago there was talk here (but only here I suspect) about a new device available in France which apparently electronically blocks attempts to use metal detectors on an archaeological site. Farmer John Browning in Icklingham apparently also at one stage had electronic systems installed to deal with his plague of nighthawks. What has Britain's multimillion pound Scheme for dealing with artefact hunters done about investigating blocking mechanisms to protect seriously threatened and desperately sensitive archaeological sites like the Brownhills/Hammerwich "Staffordshire hoard" findspot and adjacent areas from unauthorised and clandestine intrusion? Has any British professional heritage organization (apart from Heritage Action that is) been in touch with the French producers of this device (or anyone else) to obtain a few for testing? I do not know, but I'd gladly bet what the answer is.

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