Thursday, 6 March 2014

And the Winner is.... [Anonymous] ... but we are ALL the Losers

And the winner is, an Unknown Partner of the Gloucester FLO whose object went on the PAS database just as the five millionth recordable object came out of the ground since the PAS ws started. It's a hammie, an Edward III hammie, Record ID: GLO-88ACF7  from "Wraxall And Failand, North Somerset" (I know it well). Meanwhile the PAS database itself lamely limped at the same time to
 936,232 objects within 601,453 records.
Of course the actual five millionth artefact to come out of the ground under the PAS will probably never be known, there is less than a one-in-five chance that the FLO (and therefore the rest of us) will ever even see it.

UPDATE 7.03.14
The Unknown Partner who found GLO-88ACF7 took a break from artefact hunting this afternoon to go to the British Museum for the presentation of a certificate and an interview with the press. Kurt Adams, his FLO gets a well-deserved pay-rise.

The Unknown Partner gets his reward
Collectors are expressing an interest in acquiring this coin, the ACCG is believed to be keen to make it a featured item in their next 'oppose everything benefit organization'.

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