Sunday, 9 March 2014

Antiquities dealers "liven up the London art scene"

Susan Moore ('Antiquities dealers liven up the London art scene', Financial Times March 7, 2014) discusses the London antiquities market from the point of view of the premises occupied.  She starts with discussing a new exclusive gallery "Kallos" (run by Lorne Thyssen, "more properly Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon"), due to open in May. Thyssen:
plans to use the gallery as a “forum” to bring together the mutually wary (if not downright hostile) scholarly and collecting communities, and to move forward what he calls “the dialogue of the deaf”. He continues: “Everyone needs one another now that archaeology is so starved of funds.”  [...]  As Thyssen acknowledges, only a half-dozen great pieces of Greek art come up for sale each year that also have a pre-1970s provenance outside their country of origin (as recommended by the Unesco Convention), and the challenge will be to continue to source them.
Other dealers mentioned or discussed are Daniel  Katz, a London store of New York's Ariadne Galleries (Torkom Demirjian), Rupert Wace Ancient Art, Charles Ede.

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