Sunday, 2 March 2014

More Detecting-Related Anti-Social Behaviour

The Chairman of the Medway History Finders has publicly stated that due to discussions on blogs like mine, and his name being associated with the Medway History Finders and the club's web site:
im now getting threats nice one hope you are happy with yourself. Iv imformed the police and have shown them what you have put up. If anything happens to me or my family you will be held lible.
As a frequent victim myself of threats, which seems to be the fate of others who engage in discussions about artefact hunting in the UK (Paul Blinkhorn recently said he was forced to give up when he started receiving death threats), Mr Clarke has my sympathy. There are some nasty people around in the UK and associated with metal detecting in general.  Certainly there is nothing here on my blog which can be taken in any way as an incentive to violence or threatening behaviour. If Mr Clarke would like to give me (in a comment) the contact details of the officer handling this case (or alternatively if he or she would like to contact me through this blog), I will tell them everything I know about the extremists whose behaviour has given me and my family cause for concern and pass on to them copies of the files I prepared for the Polish police and prosecutor, with updates on the more recent harassment I have received. One of them is currently impersonating Andy Baines and sending out abusive messages in his name (I have their ISP number). Maybe the Kent police force will be more effective in doing something about this plague of detecting-related anti-social behaviour than other counties' police forces who seem to accept that this is the norm in the UK nowadays (that was the message the Polish prosecutor gave me). 

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heritageaction said...

Ooh excellent, yes, let Mr Clarke post up the contact details for the police dealing with the threats against him so I can pass them to the police dealing with the threats against me and my family. Let's have a concerted effort.

I know some of those who have threatened me. If he's willing to reveal the forum threads and/or put his computer at the disposal of the police at my end I'm sure they'll be able to find out if any of them are also involved in threats towards him. Ditto his phone records if appropriate (I have the mobile number of one of them).

Paul Barford said...

Well, I certainly will have a lot of information for Mr Clarke's policeman/policewoman friend about such potentially dangerous extremists when they contact me.

Paul Barford said...

Yes, Mr Baines, making a MORAL CHOICE, which side of a line you are on is difficult isn't it? Some of us deal with it by thinking about the issues, making a choice and weathering the consequences, others shift around, first going one way then the other as the wind blows. Which are you?

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