Monday, 10 March 2014

Rendlesham, Exceptional’ Royal Site Linked to Sutton Hoo but Someone's Already Walked off with the Stuff

Fields on a Suffolk farm have yielded small but hugely significant finds which have led archaeologists to believe they have found a royal home and one of the most important settlements in Anglo-Saxon East Anglia. The investigations have been kept secret because of You-Know-Whos,
The surveys began in 2009 after nighthawks – treasure hunters using metal detectors illegally – began looting the fields [...] Mr Argent said the investigations took place around the diary of the working farm, waiting until fields had been harvested, with a team of four authorised and responsible metal detector enthusiasts combing the fields in all weathers.
That's what we need more of, authorised metal detectorists.
Jude Plouviez, lead archaeological officer at the county council for the project, [...] “What has been lost from the field at Rendlesham is suggested by the finds that were recovered by the survey, such as a number of 6th Century copper-alloy items ”
Richard Cornwell Rendlesham: Archaeologists’ excitement at discovery of ‘exceptional’ royal site linked to Sutton Hoo East Anglian Daily Times Monday, March 10, 2014

Vignette: You've been robbed!


David Gill said...

For further details about the exhibition:

Sam Ofnett said...

This is such a shame and a lost opportunity.

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